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3D Scalp MicroPigmentation 

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Read over 60 Reviews /Comments on Chris on the video below

Chris CEO of – – is one of the Hair loss industries leading Specialist on how to cure bald and thinning hair as well as blend out hair transplant scars and creator of 3d Scalp Micropigmentation.

HANDS ON Artistry Complete Business Package $1750

Intense, fun The #1 in the USA & For Good Reason 

Stunning Natural Results Proprietary Pigment 

INCREDIBLE Small Business & Artistic Opportunity

The USA most competitive rates

We don’t spend thousands on advertising like some of our competitors do. If fact we don’t advertise. Chris is an in demand 3DSMP Trainer/Artist for those demanding the most powerful results. This enables him to pass on significant savings to you. Chris personally tailors your 3D scalp micropigmentation training and you’ll pay a lot less too.

Compare our rates against the largest clinics and see how much you can save. Most students save at least $2500 or more with Chris and his ground breaking

Chris 3DSMP Training

 Chris has personally treated doctors, actors, pro athletes, lawyers, police and countless men & women. In addition Chris has taught many of today’s top Specialists, surgeons, permanent makeup artists, hair transplant physicians from the USA, Europe, Greece, Russia, Virgin Islands, Central America etc. Learn from one of the most prolific Artist & Businessman on how to compete and transform your life and the lives of others.

Lauren Premier Hair Artist From L.A “Chris the 3DSMP Training was INCREDIBLE!”

Rick CEO Street Jiujitsu, “Chris you changed my life”

As one of the industries most experienced and renowned 3d Specialists and Innovators Chris offers help to men and women suffering from all types of hair loss conditions. With his fantastic brand of tailored treatments, natural hairlines and un matched customer care, Chris will get you your confidence back with his non surgical approach to hair loss.

Client was a NW6-7 completely bald and now says – “Chris I can’t thank you enough”

I wasted my time & money training in Canada, BIG mistake. Thank god I found Chris!

Thank you Chris
I trained with Chris, he’s dynamic, fun and has created the most successful artistic and business entrepreneurs within this industry. INCREDIBLE TRAINING, worth 10 times the cost. I’ve taken tons of training and this blew everything away. 10 THUMBS UP!


Don’t waste your time or money in a room with 4-6 other people working on fake heads only to do a few seconds on a real client AND pay $4k-$8k plus travel and machine. CAUTION don’t listen to a marketing company or those claiming to be a “guru”, looking to steer you to clinic or specialist only because that clinic pays them to advertise.

Do This Right The FIRST TIME

HANDS ON Artistry & Complete Business Package $1750

Intense, fun The #1 in the USA & For Good Reason

Chris CEO of &  is the industry Leading Specialist in this explosive and cutting edge technique. Chris has treated doctors, celebrities, pro athletes, lawyers and those who have all levels of hair loss.

Please be advised, I am constantly striving to create a new level of 3DSMP realism in which I’m able to duplicate not only follicles but actual hair density. This break through is entirely possible with my new proprietary pigmentS that are blended specifically for each clients needs, Chris CEO

Top MMA Fighter Ricki on his transformation

Ricky MMA before & after 3dSMP

NYC Trauma Surgeon pix below says “Chris you’ve changed my life so profoundly”

img_4610Utah’s #1 Archiesbarbershop CEO Archie trains w/Chris

“I flew from UTAH to train with Chris, So Blessed that I get to train with this guy, When I say training I MEAN TRAINING “Hands ON” right away!!! there is no time wasted, all of it is worth my time he is pretty straight forward no BS 😊, Chris…like I said Iam forever grateful and thankful that I met you😇 by the way you have a great talent in Music too. Its like going for an advanced MBA in 3DSMP & Business.”

Dr. Losier says “Don’t waste your time or money with anyone else”

MTV Artist LOVARI on his new music and life years later after 3DSMP

John says “Chris its mind-blowing I’m not bald THANK YOU!”

I’m constantly striving to create a new level of 3DSMP realism in which I’m able to duplicate not only follicles but actual hair density. This break through is entirely possible with my new proprietary pigmentS that are blended specifically for each client –Chris CEO


Anush, Los Angeles top SMP Specialists trains 3d with Chris – I wasted $9500 going to Canada only to find out I learned completely wrong. Chris was able to teach me everything in a simple, easy to grasp manner, THANK YOU SO MUCH CHRIS”

Chris delivers an incredible artistic and business opportunity  bald cure training


Marianne Morrison from Dr. Joelles Hair Clinic Trains with Chris and says – “Everyone within the Hair Industry knows that Chris is the top artist and trainer. Chris is an incredible artist, person and teacher. Thank God I came to him first!”


STOP don’t pay $5000 – $9500 to work on wax paper and mannequins.

Train one on one with Chris as top doctors do and gain access to everything you need to compete and be successful!

Do what Dr. Freiberg, Dr. Losier, Dr. Shreiberg, Dr. Goldman, Maxim Hair Clinics, Maria’s Hair, Anna’s Hair, Scalp MicroFL, Lia from Beverly Hills at 3dmicroblading, 3dScalpMicroWorks,  Dr. Schreiber and countless Permanent Makeup Artists, Tattoo artist do TRAIN with Chris!

STOP don’t pay $5000 – $9500 to work on wax paper and mannequins


Dawn Lead Esthetician from Beautiful Secrets in Philly Trains with Chris and says – “Wow Thanks so much Chris. Seeing you in action and working along side of you was amazing. Your such an artist, it was intense and the best SMP training course in the USA…easily!”

Scalp Aesthetics 39 WEST 32ND STREET, NY 10001

SAVE MONEY and get a COMPLETE blueprint of how to compete in Scalp Micro Pigmentation & 3D Scalp MicroPigmentation

Client Texts this pix and says – “Its perfect Chris”




Learn to Create

The Most Natural 3D Hairlines In The Industry

For The Most Discerning Men


Your Scalp MicroPigmentation Trainer scalp micro pigmentation training


I have had the great pleasure of assisting countless men and women in curing their hair loss with 3d Scalp MicroPigmentation. However, when I began there was very little hands on REAL HANDS ON Training and or real world consulting…..and even today most “training is over rated and over priced” With my training course you have the opportunity to train one on one with me to gain a complete artistic and business system.


House of Brows PMU Owner Anna flies in from L.A to train 1 on1 with Chris

Anna says ” Chris is the walking embodiment of an artist. I saw many of his clients from 1″ away and the results were incredible. He is the best teacher I ever had for anything. He makes learning fun, simple and exciting!”

3D Scalp MicroPigmentation Training

Those IN the business like 3D MicroWorks CEO Shannon trains with Chris , so should you



3D Scalp MicroPigmentation is VERY REAL

Shareef says – “Chris no one touches your artistry THANK YOU!


Shareef – “Its not about covering up baldness, its about looking like baldness was NEVER a factor to begin with….HeadStrongNY ….with its EXCLUSIVE 3D Technique gives you the look of actual hair follicles on your head that its still growing from. NO ONE else can do this believe me I researched and met everyone!”

fullsizerenderPro RedBank NJ Permanent Makeup Artists Lenny & Tracy  trained with Chris and say – “Chris is simply the most dynamic real artist and trainer in America. He gives SO MUCH value, its incredible.”

3D Scalp MicroPigmentation


International Permanent Makeup Specialist Carra Kelly From Europe Trains with Chris


Scalp MicroPigmentation Training

Dr. Michael Schreiber Noted Los Angels Board Certified Physician train’s with Chris, 3D Scalp MicroPigmentaton Specialist. 12070827_882005688573696_1011864364_n


Dr. Robert Losier – “I had my Treatment and Training with Chris, he’s simply the best!”

Impeccable Reputation -Licensed & Insured


12599289_767702606699914_326408928_n“I’m amazed with the results. I mean you can see the pic its incredible. If you’re thinking of entering the world of 3d Scalp Micro pigmentation then I would highly recommend Chris, he’s extremely talented and passionate I can’t imagine going to anyone else. Two thumbs way up!”

New York City Emergency Room Doctor

12965189_1065474996857123_723586699_nRyan Lead Specialist from ScalpMicroFL travels to NYC to train with Chris and learn his ground breaking 3d techniques

Scalp MicroPigmentation Training New York – TOP Athletes Choose Chris

Image-1 3

Scalp MicroPigmentation Training New York NYC

In person or Consulting Online

International Artist Lovari & 3D Scalp MicroPigmentation w/Chris


3D Scalp MicroPigmentation NY NYC

Lovari “Chris its 100% undetectable”




One of Chris’s clients is a well known trauma surgeon who works world wide by utilizing online technology and now so can you. Have Chris right next to you while you work on a client from anywhere in the world without having to travel and still get the top notch results you need. Should you have a question and need access to Chris for his 3D coloring techniques, blending, contracts, pigment etc he is available one on one to assist you.



Top Surgeons Train with Chris in 3D Scalp MicroPigmentation


Dr. Freiberg, Dr. Losier, Dr. Schrieber, Maxim Hair, Dr. Goldman, Dr.Crosby, ScalpMicroFL, Scalp2Life, Dr. Rahal from Canada, tons of permanent makeup artists, Carra from London, Shannon 3dmicroworks and countless others Train with Chris and so should you.

Dr. Ram Says – “Chris is simply the the best. He’s highly artistic and a great business mind.”


3D Scalp MicroPigmentationTraining

The 3D effect is created with each layer within each pass. The artist mush have impeccable vision, artistry and understand color depth. 


Chris is widely considered the creator of 3D SMP and certainly the go to artist for the most demanding men and women in the USA.

 New York Scalp Micro pigmentation, Scalp MicroPigmentation NY,  NYC SMP

Headstrong NY  results are excellent, and clients travel from far and wide to take advantage of this enhancement. Headed by CEO and Founder Chris, Headstrong NY is competing successfully in New York, the most competitive scalp micropigmentation market in the world, thanks to advancements in their process that set the company apart from its competitors.

IMG_2729Hussein says – “Chris I’m simply blow away its incredible what you did.”

20140909_122036 - Version 2

Chris is recognized for his innovative techniques, natural and subtle 3D Scalp MicroPigmentation transformations and creative vision. His artistic ability and attention to detail make him highly sought after by clients and referring physicians.Then there are those who want to immerse themselves like and Dr. Schreiber from LA, Maria from Greece, Mike Tea from Australia etc who have experience with mens hair loss and or permanent makeup (see video’s & pix below) yet seek further knowledge with regard to the newest techniques being developed. Then there are those oversea’s who are looking for an hour of consulting, the choose is yours.

The bottom line is you’re going to leave with a renewed confidence and complete blue print on how to move forward and compete.



12725118_1085730111458907_1243488818_n Mike Teas and his partner both renowned tattoo artist fly from Australia to learn the newest 3D SMP techniques to expand their business brand in Australia.

Other SMP Specialist working in NYC rely on Chris to get their personal 3d SMP.


11190249_1682271545373557_1195232448_nMaxim Hair Transplant Doctors Train with Chris. CEO Mac Fada says “Chris you have the most complete and dynamic training system in the industry, just incredible”

Scalp Micropigmentation

HairLoss Cure

12328243_1567863443528658_191221397_n53 Year Old Executive travels 6 hours to work with Chris and says. “Chris gets the 30-80 year old successful man who demands discreet and perfect”

Greek Hair Restoration Expert Maria flies into train with Chris

Dr. Robert Losier -“Chris, he’s a master he did my Treatment & Training”

20140905_132317FullSizeRender 2

New York – New Jersey – Westchester – Connecticut – Rockland


12930910_541034672759241_318489547_nRachel, Top Tattoo / Permanent Makeup Artist travels from Ohio to spend 10 intensive hands on hours, building IMMENSE confidence and comes away with an entire business / artist plan and strategy to compete in Ohio.


Chris Trains Doctors, Surgeons & SMP Specialist


World Class Trauma Surgeon says “Awesome – its a work of art. I’m so thankful Chris for everything you’re doing” 



Latin Singing Sensation Giovanni Transforms with

As Seen In:    


 STOP Don’t Waste Your Money On A Franchise


The days of paying tens of thousands for a Franchise are over as well as paying ongoing fees for supplies. Why pay any on going fee’s? Choose your Training carefully!

Stock Market Crashing, Layoffs, Uncertainty – Create A GREAT Income Helping Others w/3D Scalp MicroPigmentation

FullSizeRender 3


Scalp MicroPigmentation is a form of Permanent Makeup and its imperative that you seek someone out who holds advanced training in both. In addition, your 3D Scalp MicroPigmentation Mentor mentor be a leader who performs the treatments and whose work speaks for itself.  Don’t take on needless debt, Its a recipe for pain. w

As Seen In:   

“The Power Cut” Executives to athletes have been sporting made possible with Scalp Micropigmentation” CBSMiami (May 8, 20153D Scalp MicroPigmentation

Cosmetic Artist Karen Trains with Chris and the results and level of confidence she attains are dramatic.


 Scalp Micropigmentation Training

Hair Stylist Anna Trains with Chris

** Most “training” companies require you to purchase “kits” for $100 – $500 each for everyone of YOUR clients on top of ongoing $500.00 a month “fee’s” Others only give you enough pigment and supplies for 6 treatments. Gain access to all supplies, keep debt low!

Model – Kemar “Chris is simply the best, a true artist and visionary”


Huge Business & Creative Opportunity!

  • Learn How To Run Your Own Scalp MicroPigmentation Business
  • Learn the Permanent Makeup Pointillism technique
  • How to use your Scalp Micro pigmentation machine and needles
  • How to set up your Scalp MicroPigmentation work station
  • Gain access to all contracts and paperwork to run your company
  • Insurance and your options
  • Licenses and what you need
  • Pigment Selections and coloring
  • Online Marketing
  • Hair transplant scar blending
  • How to constructing a new hairline
  • Work on 2 heads, hands on
  • Needle selection and why
  • How to create a 100% undetectable SMP through hand technique and angles
  • Practice techniques to refine your art when finished
  • LLC, Corporation or DBA?
  • Scheduling Software
  • Advertising, where and why
  • SEO Online tips
  • Learn where to your supplies…and much more

Hair cloning 2016,, matt Iulo,,

12556083_1737889906448119_1928559889_nTop European Hair Technician, Maria flies from Greece to NYC to train privately with Chris and learn the newest 3D Scalp MicroPigmentation Techniques being implemented at HeadStrong 3D Scalp MicroPigmentation 

 Scalp MicroPigmentation Training

scalp micropigmentation training

Scalp Micropigmentation New York

Growing Exponentially


Acquire a Business Plan & Artistic Skills needed to deliver Life Transforming 3D Scalp Micropigmentation and compete in your market. Scalp MicroPigmentation is one of the  the fasting growing hair loss treatment’s in the world. Learn how to help others and create an exciting income stream. Change your life and the live’s of your clients! Chris has trained doctors, SMP Specialists in current practice, permanent makeup artists etc. You can do this with Chris’s Proven Scalp MicroPigmentation Business System.

Hair loss 

A $40 Billion Dollar Industry 

The Industry NEEDS qualified, properly training Scalp MicroPigmentation Specialists.

12328192_1513462092315887_390836833_nAfrican American Client transforms from bald to full head of shaved hair with Scalp MicroPigmentation. Learn how to create these results and compete.

Celebrities Rely on HeadStrong NY

 Scalp MicroPigmentation Hair Loss Make overs

Natural 3d Scalp MicroPigmentation Transformations

12256866_1504898689810002_1219739217_nCelebrity & Latin Singer Giovanni who has performed for J. Lo, Marc Anthony receives a stunning 3D Scalp MicroPigmentation from the talented hands of Chris, who is one of the most requested Scalp Artist in the USA.

América cantante Giovanni en el cuero cabelludo micropigmentación en HeadStrong NY con Chris -
Nueva pérdida de pelo Transformaciones diario en nuestro HeadStrong Instagram
¿Necesita Scalp Formación Micropigmentación

Learn the Art of SMP & How to KEEP DEBT LOW 

10608035_151799728517293_1614009104_nA Client studies one on one with Chris to learn the art of 3D Scalp MicroPigmentation and how to run a business and keep debt low!


Don’t pay a franchise fee and certainly don’t pay any ongoing fee’s its a recipe for failure. Your Scalp Micropigmentation business is ONLY as good as your artistry and your business competitivenessScalp MicroPigmentation Training NYC


Learn from Chris, with his PROVEN system and never pay a franchise fees or any ongoing fee’s. Learn once and compete with an ALL INCLUSIVE Business Plan.

Dr. Goldman’s Esthetician Train’s w/Chris 3D Scalp MicroPigmentationIMG_0892

 Scalp MicroPigmentation Training20140929_171732



 Scalp MicroPigmentation Westchester County NY

Dr. Jacobs –  “Chris has patience, insight and incredible vision. His slow and steady approach changed my life and the lives of many. I did my homework and sought out the best and I found him in Chris. If you want to learn the art and business of Scalp Micropigmentation then see Chris. Time is money, train with the best!”Image-1 2


Scalp MicroPigmentation Training

Chris, creates swirl pattern in the crown and ultra natural 3D results.


Image-1 4

Chris has developed a business plan that gives you everything you need to begin your career in Scalp Micropigmentation. Furthermore he will show you his techniques with respect to coloring, blending, permanent makeup applications, multiple blend outs and a SLOW & STEADY approach that deliver NYC only true 3D Scalp Micropigmentation.

Chris deliver’s  World Class  New York Scalp Micropigmentation Transformations and his ability to teach in an exciting and precise manner make him the go to consultant for those in the know who want REAL HANDS ON experience and value for their investment.


11917913_1472459579727020_1208267986_nClient had diffused thinning hair, very natural 100% undetectable

Attain a complete Business & Artistic Game Plane

Chris will tell you first hand that without a plan or system (hands on training, access to all contracts and business forms, pigments, machine, needles, marketing, pix, website, 3D Scalp MicroPigmentation Training, keeping debt low, online, social media etc etc) you’re at a huge disadvantage.

DON’T throw your money away only to realize you still need all of the above. Do your homework! You want to know how to succeed in Scalp Micropigmentation? You need to learn how to keep your initial setup costs and debt low…at all time’s.

This is YOUR BUSINESS, YOUR LIFE. Chris proves everyday with his online videos and before and after pix just how incredible the transformations he delivers are. However, equally important are his business strategies. YOU need to know what he does and model him so that you can do the exact same.

SCALPMICRO USA , scalp guru, scalp-aesthetics, SKALP, hairline ink 

Scalp Micropigmentation Training

 Unique opportunity to spend one on one training with a leading expert in the industry.

Help others, while achieving an exciting income stream.

Acquire a complete business plan to succeed.

Now is the moment to create your future!

Scalp MicroPigmentation Training!


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